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Princess of Kalamaja (in Estonian: Kalamaja Printsess) is a completely ordinary girl. With the exception of also being a total princess. But the fact that she’s living in Kalamaja (imagine Hackney Wick or Dalston in London) does not make her into a bohemian. On the contrary! She’s the most practical minded and self-conscious girl in the hood! Her parents are still asleep when she is already throwing on her favourite golden gown, wolfing down a couple of pancakes and hurrying to Kalamaja park to have fun with the skateboard she has nicked from her brother.

Her tree house is located at the crossroads of three lilacs where she must hide from the tedious prince and the horrid dragon with two other princesses! When the dragon and the prince have been tamed, she hurries on, her meticulously braided branch and leaf crown bouncing on her head. She scores a couple of goals for the football boys on the playground, stops to chat with the neighbour’s dog and then counts all her coins in order to buy some minced meat and sour cream from the corner shop so her father could make some dumplings. This is us and we are delighted to make your acquaintance!

Kalamaja Printsess – beauty saves the world.

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