The Designer

The heart and mind behind the Kalamaja Printsess clothing brand is a freelance actress and a mother Karin Rask.

I got the idea in summer 2013 when I was looking for more ways to be creative also outside of theatre. At the same time, I had a little muse growing at home, a true Princess of Kalamaja who, in her golden dress, never passes up chances of going climbing on rooftops or cycling towards a finish line with the boys. And as it would happen, the Re-use Centre where I had been working as a volunteer for years told me that they’d be willing to support a good idea. That’s how all the puzzle pieces fell together and the children’s clothing brand based on the upcycling principle was born, says Karin. 

When now, years later, Karin gets asked about her true calling, she can truly say that she is both – an actress and a fashion designer, although there is also a wider name for it all – a creator.

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